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Season 5

MTV Roadies Period 5, known as MTV Roadies 5.0 was broadcasted on MTV Indian in 2008. Like all the periods that followed and came before it, in 2010 was also well taken and valued by the audiences all over the globe. What created the display even more exciting for many adolescents was that it had an exclusive combination of fun, experience, task and studying. The display was taken aspect in Indian and aspect in Thailand. The highest possible award cash that could be taken house was Rs 500,000. In complete, 13 individuals were taken from tryouts, which were done in various significant places in Indian. The champion of 12 months was Ashutosha who stepped away with all the achievements and the award cash.

He said no to eat non-vege, had a car incident with Soneli but performed awesome thoughts activities and state policies to endure until the end. He also won other truth display big manager 2 and converted very popular.

Started on: 22nd March 2007


1. Varun from Chandigarh
2. Prabhjot from Chandigarh
3. Vibhor from Chandigarh
4. Ayaz from Kolkata
5. Ankita from Kolkata
6. Shambhavi from Delhi
7. Anmol from Delhi
8. Vikrant from Delhi
9. Ankita aka simran from Delhi
10. Sonel from Delhi
11. Aashutosh aka aashu from Jaipur (Delhi-reject/Chandigarh-reject)
12. Nihal from Mysore but was selected from Mumbai auditions
13. Snehashish from Mumbai

Winner: Aashutosh won the game without any pain and struggle.


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