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Season 2

MTV Roadies Period 2 was broadcasted in 2006. For enough time when it was broadcasted, the material and concept of the display was fairly strong and challenging as opposed to traditional truth reveals being public on various enjoyment programs. What differed in previously periods from the more recent ones was that there used to be few participants which battled their way to the top. For example, in 2010, there were only 7 participants who went through different difficulties and projects. The champion of 12 months was famous Ayushmanna Khuarrana from Chandigarh city. After this and following season of Roadies, there was no looking returning. The display became associated to youngsters in India/Pakistan and almost everyone who followed such material began to get stuck to the whole periods.

Ayushmanna Khorana, champion of MTV Roadies 2 is all set create his Hollywood first appearance with David Abraham's first appearance development project 'Vicky Donor'. Apart from performing Ayushmanna has also sang a music for the movie named 'Panic' which he has consisting in the past with a buddy during his higher education times. This movie will starrer expert performing professional Anupam Caporal and debutante Yahiya Gautama known for reveals like 'Chandra Key Para Chaloon' and 'Yey Pyaara Naa Hogaa Kaam'. The movie will hit the theatre in the month of 20 April in the year of 2012.

Started on: August 21st 2004


1. Aarti Seth from Delhi
2. Ayushmann Khurrana from Chandigarh
3. Candy Brar from Chandigarh
4. Neha Bhatia from Pune
5. Shaleen Bhanot from Mumbai
6. Vinod Rawat from Mumbai
7. Varun Agarwal from Kolkata

Winner: Ayushmann Khurrana.


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